Early Alert Referral System

The Early Alert Referral System (EARS) is an online reporting tool used by faculty and the Office of Advising to provide students with academic interventions when they are not succeeding. It also serves as a database for documenting and tracking these efforts.

Faculty’s Role in EARS

Faculty may use EARS for the following reasons:

1.    To request academic intervention from Pathway Advisors or Tutoring Services when a student is at risk of being unsuccessful in a course

2.    To document efforts that have been made to reach out to students who are not succeeding

3.    Reporting “D” and “F” midterm grades and submitting instructor recommendations (only required of CRP course instructors.)

EARS should not be used for the purpose of:

1.    Reporting Code of Conduct Violations
Please contact Ali Pickens-Opoku Ali.Pickens-Opoku@saintpaul.edu

2.    Reporting violations of the College’s Academic Integrity policy
Please contact Ali Pickens-Opoku Ali.Pickens-Opoku@saintpaul.edu